28 Before 29.

DSC_0249Today I’m 28 years old. It’s official, I can no longer trick myself into believing that I’m still in my mid-twenties. Shucks. It’s weird to think that in a couple of years I’ll be thirty. I have this mental block in my head that just can’t believe it. Of course then I spend time with those who are 3-8 years younger than me and I’m quickly reminded that I am in fact as old as I am. I’d say there are probably two times in your life that you grow and change a whole ton. The first few years when you’re just this tiny little thing and then in your twenties. I realize that’s almost 10 years so no duh you’re going to change a lot but I guess for me it was a time where I really started to get a feel for who I am and what I believe in as opposed to being heavenly influenced by parents, family members, teachers and other people of “authority”. Then of course all that was thrown upside down when I got married and had kids [something I didn't think would ever happen. Life. It's a weird one.]

Totally went off on a tangent there. I don’t think we’ll be doing much today. Steve has been in the field all week and won’t be back for my birthday. Plus Mother Nature decided that instead of giving me 70 degrees and sunny weather like I asked for, it’s suppose to snow all day. I really need to learn a song on the Ukulele anyway. Steve got me one for my birthday [along with The Little Mermaid. Maybe I am younger than I am!] and I told him that I should learn a song by the time he gets back. That might have been a bit more of a promise then I could keep. I’ve quickly realized that my only time to practice is when the kids are asleep and because of how our house is, I’m worried about waking them. We’ll see what I can get done.

I feel like this whole post is getting a bit out of hand so let’s just get to the real reason I’m here posting. My list of goals for the next year! Sometimes I feel like I haven’t accomplished very much. I know that’s so far from the truth but I just feel like there is something more that I should be doing. So here I am trying to figure that out. I like these list as opposed to New Years Resolution. Don’t ask me why.

1. Learn to play the Ukulele.
2. Learn to crochet.
3. Go to the doctors and get a full physical. [I really want to get a jump-start on my health so by the time I turn thirty I've got a skin care, health care, mental care, etc. plan down.]
4. Go to the dentist. [This goes along with #3]
5. Have most of our debt paid off. [Is it cheating that we've already started to work on this? I just know that if we stick with our plan most, if not all of it, will be paid off by this time next year. Sweet!]
6. Read one book a month. [I know to some people this will sound crazy since it's pretty easy to read a book but to be honest, I've only read two books this entire year. and this. Both highly recommended by the way.]
7. Take my camera in to get cleaned and start taking better pictures again.
8. Start doing a weekly art/craft project.
9. Look into getting a laptop/start saving up for one. [I think this would allow me to be better about updating my blog. Right now it can be hard to get on the desk top because Soph and Joel want me to be in the same room as them and the computer isn't really in either of their play areas. They don't necessarily want to play with me so much as be around me. The other problem is Steve isn't home a lot so I want to sit on the couch even if he's just playing video games but I also want to be working and these two things are hard to do in two different areas of the house. On the negative side of having a laptop, I'd want to make sure that I'm not always on the computer and missing life since it will be a lot more convenient than the desk top. Work life balance. What's that?]
10. Be a better mother. [This one is funny because it's not like I am a bad mother but there are a few things I'd like to improve on. For example, I want to take the kids outside more often. When we actually have a backyard this won't be such a big deal but right now taking them outside requires a bit of motivation and when you're someone who gets into slumps sometimes it's just easier to have the kids play inside while watching them from the couch. Sounds pretty depressing. Another example, is sometimes I get depressed or lonely so I stay up late and then the next morning I'm really grumpy and I end up taking a nap with Joel and thus missing out on one on one time with Sophie. Taking a nap with Joel wouldn't be so bad if I was actually staying up being productive but usually I'm watching SVU reruns. When it comes down to it if sometimes I need a break it's not a big deal but there's a difference between taking a rest day versus being in such a slump that everyday is a "rest" day.]
11. Make a decision about blogging and if I decide that I want to do it then either redesign my blog or hire a designer.
12. Get into a habit of doing yoga/meditation/going on walks/moving.
13. Get my next tattoo. [This goal is really dependent on Joel and how long he continues to breast feed.]
14. Work on illustration style. [It's been so long since I've drawn anything that I really suck at it now.]
15. Sell 10 things I’ve made.
16. De-clutter the house and get better at getting rid of things. [This will be pretty easy since we'll be moving at some point. I just don't want to be on the next episode of hoarders. Not that we are even close to that happening but becoming a hoarder is sorta one of my irrational fears. I have a hard time letting go of things at times and I worry that it'll become a problem one day.]
17. Make a 2010 family yearbook. If possible catch up on years 2011-2013.
18. Come up with a longer plan goal. [While motherhood is rewarding and I love it more than anything, my kids won't be little forever but I have no idea what I want to next and so I feel like I'm sorta stuck and not moving forward. For example, if I see myself writing a book, what does that entail and how do I start that process?]
19. Make new friends and reconnect with old ones.
20. Work on driving anxiety.
21. Take Sophie to the beach. [She wants to go so bad and since living in Colorado it's been pretty impossible at least since she's been old enough to really remember it. Hopefully we'll live closer to one because I'm pretty sure she'd love it.]
22. Create a work space that inspires me. [At the moment we just don't have the room but with a move in the works this upcoming summer there is no reason not to find a place that let's me have an area that is all mine.]
23. More deliberate dates with Steve. [These don't have to be grand dates like going out to eat and seeing a movie but I would like to make more formal plans then simply watching The Walking Dead together on Sunday nights. Even if it's a simple as planning on making some snacks and watching a movie together in the comfort of our house.]
24. Write at least 12 handwritten letters. [I love mail. Receiving and sending it. I mean really, who doesn't love mail. Now I just need to find some pen-pals who will also pledge to mail back and forth with me. It's too easy to forget to send things out when the other person isn't expecting you to exchange mail with them. ]
25. Make something for each kid. [ I totally want to be one of those moms that sews Halloween costumes but Soph is so wishy-washy that it's just easier to buy her one or two from the thrift store and let her pick out something the day of Halloween. I kind of dread putting in the work of making a costume just to have her change her mind two days after I finish. At the very least I could sew her a dress or a stuffed animal or something. Joel is still at the stage where he's happy with whatever so he'll probably be a little easier to make something for.]
26. Buy an instax camera and take 52 pictures. [not all at once.]
27. Develop all the rolls of film I have laying around the house. [Especially the one from my 26th birthday when I went snorkeling!]
28. Spend the weekend in Denver going to the zoo and a museum.

Some of these are totally boring but I’ve really been dragging my feet. Especially as far as getting to the doctors and dentist goes. Man, do I hate the dentist. Hopefully I can take care of those sooner than later. And on the other side of things, it’s really hard to plan when you know you’ll be moving in 6-8 months but you have no idea where. I would totally add visit a new state or go on a road trip but those things are bound to happen anyway so it sorta feels like cheating.

Well, am I missing anything that should be on here? What goals are you working on?

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    I’ll write to you, all the news from the District that’s fit to print

    • http://JackieMRussell.com Jackie Brags

      Awesome! I’ll send you an email with my address. Can’t wait to start exchanging letters!