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Marking off goals for 2015! Step one: A trip to NOLA

Okay, so remember my last post where I mentioned that 2015 was going to be my year? Well this week I will get to cross quite a few things off my 29 before 30 goal list. Why you ask? Well because I'm going to New Orleans! I couldn't be more excited but at the same time I'm nervous as well. Excited because well, it's New Orleans. There isn't anywhere else in the world like it! (At least that's what they say.) I've got a ridiculous amount of things planned for while I'm there. Three different ...

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Welcome to the New Year! Plan to make 2015 the year for you.

Hello 2015! For me there's nothing more exciting then the new year. Yes, yes, I know this is totally one of these things. But whatever. Haters gonna hate. I still feel like birthdays and New Years are a fresh start. Sure it might only last a few weeks but whatever gets that motivation jumpstarted is all that really matters. Of course the key is how to keep that motivation flowing. I'm not the best person to ask about that one. I've had my struggles as any person who checks into this blog ...

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29 Before 30.

It's my very last year of being in my twenties and when it comes down to it, I don't really mind. For awhile there I had these grand ideas of all these things I needed to have done by the time I got to my thirties. Because you know, thirty is old. Except now that I am so close to being thirty, it doesn't feel so old anymore. In fact I still feel young. I still feel like there's so much left for me to do, which is actually a wonderful feeling to have. It makes me feel like I am still living. That ...

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Shesingswedance’s first craft show!

About a month ago (ugh has is it really been a month??) I set up for my very first craft show. They had one in the community I live in so I decided to join. I wouldn't say it was the best match for me or my crafts but it was free and at the very least it gave me the confidence to be able to work the next one.  I feel like the show went better then I expected it. I went in with the mind set that I wouldn't sell anything so when I did sell something I was pleasantly surprised! I think I'd have ...

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A Love Letter. #1

Dear New York, This past weekend I was on my way to the Bust Craftacular Market in Greenpoint, Brooklyn while on the subway and I couldn't help but smile. I'm sure I look silly sitting there with a big grin on my face while every one of the train is avoiding eye contact. It's just that every time I ride the subway I fall a little more in love with you. Just looking around the train watching all these different kinds of people getting on and off. It just makes me giddy. I want to know their ...

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