Army Life: We’re PCSing soon!

seeyoulatercoloradoI know I’ve mentioned a few times that we will be moving sometime this summer and we finally have an idea of where we’re headed. Come July we’ll be living in…NYC! We don’t know what exactly that means yet. It could mean Manhattan or it could mean we’re an hour away on the far east side of Long Island. I’m crossing my fingers for Brooklyn at the moment since that would mean we could live on base at Fort Hamilton. Not that I’m a huge fan of living on base but I like the idea of living in a large apartment in a community I’m familiar with at least until we familiarize ourselves with the city. Plus Washer and Dryer in the apartment makes my heart flutter.

Since finding out that we’re going to be headed to NYC there have been tons of thoughts racing through my head. Decisions to make. Things to get use to. I sorta wish we were going to DC but I realize that’s only because going to a big city you know is easier than going to a big city you don’t know. DC would have been the “safe” choice. That being said, I am very excited to go to NYC. It’s one of those dreams that I always fantasized about but figured we’d never actually end up there. At least for as long as we have kids. Not because you can’t have kids in the city but rather because I never thought we’d be able to afford it. Of course that’s all changed now since the Army gives you enough Basic Housing Allowance (BAH) to be able to afford living in the area you’re stationed at.

We’ll be in NYC for three years. I think it’s the perfect amount of time for us to get our feet wet and decide if we love NYC but not so long that if we end up not liking it that we dread being there. I love that we’ll be so close to family and friends again. I really miss the East Coast. Plus we have several family members and friends in the city. It’s going to be great to do so many bucket list type things. I’ve only been to NYC three times. The first time my parents, siblings and I were headed to Connecticut and we made a quick stop. I took a picture of the twin towers from the car and we saw the statue of liberty from across the harbor. The second time I went with a friend to the College Music Journal festival. If memory serves we were there for one day so while we saw a lot of great bands, it really could have been in any city. The last time another friend and I went shopping in SOHO. It was another day trip so again, I had no idea where I was or where I was going but I did buy some awesome shoes.

So pretty much I know next to nothing about living in NYC or even being in NYC. I’m a bit nervous about the subway riding thing, especially once you add two kids to the equation. It just seems like it’s a lot more complex than the DC metro. Eeps. I’ve definitely spent the last few days just reading everything I can get my hands on. It’s making it hard to sleep at night since my brain is always going going going.

I’ll be sure to keep you update on our adventures. In the mean time, any one have any advice for a NYC noob like me?

What I Wore: Pie Love You

What I Wore: Pie Love You What I Wore: Pie Love YouI meant to post this earlier this week. Just like I meant to make a pie and share the recipe. Let’s just say I haven’t been adjusting too well with Steve being away. It doesn’t help that the moment I start to feel better and start to enjoy the weather it then changes to bitterly cold or overcast or whatever. I do so much better when it’s nice out and I can get out of the house. Of course when I can’t get out of the house for an extended period of time it can be hard to motivate myself to do something. I’m forcing myself out on Monday to go to a play date. Right now my head is dreading the idea. But I know once I’m out and spending time with other people and socializing things will be better. Plus when I’m in a healthy state of mind I really enjoy these ladies. It’s times like this that I’m tempted to move to Southern California. I see pictures of people enjoying the sun and the beach and it just makes me want to be there. To be outside all the time and not have the excuse of bad weather. It’s too easy of an excuse for me.  What I Wore: Pie Love YouIn other less depressing news, I love this dress! I bought it for a wedding reception I attended back in November. I had my eye on it for a while and a wedding reception was the perfect excuse. It’s a little thin, there’s no lining, but that makes it perfect for spring and summer. It fits really well too. The only change I would make is to shorten it. I’m a fan of dresses that hit at or above the knees. I feel like these awkward mid calf lengths make me look stumpy. Though these pictures don’t really reflect that so maybe it’s just in my head? I’m also loving these tights. I always get complements when I wear them out. Though I’m not sure they were worth the price. They’re already starting to show wear and I’ve only worn them a handful of times. I guess that’s just tights for you. Maybe I need to learn the proper taking care of tights techniques. What I Wore: Pie Love YouThe pie brooches are some of my favorite ones that I’ve made lately. You can find then in my shop. I guess the only left to talk about is my new hair! I’ve been slowly working on lightning it for awhile now but this is the first big step to half and half. I think I have another one or two sessions of lightening before I get it to white. I’m taking it slow since I’m not trying to kill my hair. I don’t know if I’ll keep the half white and half brown or if I’ll do another fun color once my hair is light enough. What do you think? The only unnatural color I’ve ever done before is orange so I’m kind of excited to try something new. I’m leaning towards a pastel blue. What I Wore: Pie Love YouCardigan // Thrifted, Dress* & Tights* // Modcloth, Shoes // UrbanOG, Necklace // unknown, Headband // Forever 21, Brooches // Etsy

*Affiliate Link: When you order using this link I receive a small compensation from Modcloth with no other cost to you. All funds go to paying for web hosting fees. Thank you for your support. Here is my full disclosure.


10/52 Sophie10/52 Joela portrait of my children once a week for fifty-two weeks in 2014.

Sophie: “Come on bugs, follow me! You can ride in my pocket!”
Joel: I put together an indoor “sandbox” and they loved it. Especially Joel who thought it was brilliant to sit in the box. He couldn’t have been more happy about the whole thing.

Humor at the expense of someone else is not okay.

There’s currently a post on Buzzfeed that is going viral at the moment. Maybe you’ve seen it? It’s a series of pictures of a young man posing with the butt cracks of assorted people who are attending a Magic the Gathering tournament. Sure butts are funny. But let me tell you why this is not okay.

Humor at the expense of others is not funny.These pictures are trying to create humor by victimizing those who happen to be wearing low riding pants and thus their butt cracks are exposed. It is not okay to bully someone based on their body or clothing choices. Taking the argument that they were “Asking for it by wearing a certain type of clothes” is dangerously close to another defense that is often heard by victims of sexual violence.

The people being featured in this “humor” post didn’t ask to be humiliated on the internet. They didn’t ask to be part of a joke at their expense. They didn’t give permission to a stranger to post pictures of their bodies in a public space. I know that if someone posted a picture of me on the internet, especially a picture that is meant to bully me then I would be pretty upset and hurt. I would feel humiliated. I bet you would too. I bet it would affect your self-confidence to have thousands of people laughing at you and passing your picture around the internet.

When will we learn that shaming people for any reason, whether that be their clothing choices, their body size, the color of their skin, their religion or anything else, is not okay. My choices and who I am don’t give you the right to stare, or bully, or shame me, or rape me, or harass me, or treat me as anything less than a human being. Just because they aren’t the same choices you’d make doesn’t mean I was “asking for it”. If I want to dye my hair, wear low ride pants, have tattoos or anything else, then I still have the right to feel safe and to not be a victim. If I am fat or skinny, black or white, gay or straight or anything else, I am still a person with rights and feelings. And I deserved to be treated like a person and to not worry that one day someone might make a joke at my expense.

Pork Tenderloin stuffed with Brie, Apples, and Spinach Recipe

Pork Tenderloin stuffed with Brie, Apples, and Spinach RecipeI really enjoy pork tenderloin because it’s easy to cook and it’s pretty much always on sale. But rather than just throw it in the oven, why not add some fun stuffing to it. I love the mix of brie, apples and spinach inside the pork. The perfect amount of  sweet and salty. Add some roast carrots and apples to the side and it’s an amazing, comforting meal.Pork Tenderloin stuffed with Brie, Apples, and Spinach RecipePork Tenderloin stuffed with Brie, Apples, and Spinach RecipePork Tenderloin stuffed with Brie, Apples, and Spinach RecipeIngredients:

1 apple, diced*
1 handful of spinach
a few slices of brie
salt and pepper for seasoning
1 pork tenderloin, about a pound
4 large carrots, diced
any leftover apple*
1 cup of veggie stock [chicken stock would probably work as well.]
2 tsp of cinnamon

*I could only fit about a half an apple into my tenderloin and thus cooked the rest of it with the carrots. You may need another apple depending on the size of your apple/tenderloin and whether you’d like some apple as part of your side dish

Pre-heat oven to 425º. Begin by slicing your pork tenderloin open, being careful not to slice all the way through. Next stuff your pork with as much spinach, brie, and apples as you can. Now it’s time to close up your pork as tight as you can. You don’t want the tasty gooey brie leaking all over! I used toothpicks but you could also use sting or even unflavored non waxed floss. Once your pork is sealed tight season with salt and pepper. Slice up some carrots and some apple and place in the baking dish around your pork. Pour the veggie stock over your carrots and apples. It should be just enough to cover the bottom of the dish so everything stay moist and nothing sticks to the bottom. Sprinkle cinnamon on top of your apples and carrots. Place in the oven for 25-35 minutes or until a thermometer reads 160º in the thickest part of your pork. Let pork rest for 5 minutes before slicing and serving.

If you don’t have a meat thermometer, I highly recommend getting one. It’s the best way to check to see if your meat is done without over cooking it. This is the one I have.** And I like it well enough. It’s easy to use and I like that it has an alarm for when my meat hits my desired temperature.


**Affiliate Link: When you order using this link I receive a small compensation from amazon with no additional cost to you. All funds go to paying for web hosting fees. Thank you for your support. Here is my full disclosure.


9/52 - Sophie 9/52 - Joela portrait of my children once a week for fifty-two weeks in 2014.

A few days ago I pulled out the Aqua Doodle, a small cup of water and some paint brushes. The kids LOVED getting to “paint” first the aqua doodle, then the cardboard box it was sitting on and then the chalkboard drawers. Sophie was pretty amazed at how the paint kept “changing colors” every time she painted something new. It was nice to find an activity they could both do together without worrying about them making a mess. It’s so hard to find something that Joel can do without it becoming a disaster and that will keep Sophie entertained.

What I Wore: Black Jumpsuit

What I Wore: Black JumpsuitI still don’t feel confident about posting outfit pictures. It still feels silly at times. I don’t know why. And yet I continue to do them. Though to be honest I’ve been bumming it this past month. I definitely feel better when I do post outfits though. It just feels so much better to wear something fun and put on some lipstick. With working from home I need that extra motivation that comes along with outfit post. Now that we’re starting to get warmer days I should really get back into the habit. What I Wore: Black JumpsuitAs far as this outfit goes it’s quite different then what I usually wear. For some reason I just really wanted a jumpsuit. And so when Forever 21 was having a big sale back in January I ordered one along with this furry coat. Both of them are 1-2 sizes smaller than what I usually wear and yet they fit well. I guess Forever 21 is one of those weird sizing places. In fact the coat is huge on me. Pretty warm too. I was actually really surprised when I received it as I expected it to be some what cheap.  I’m not sure when I will wear it next since as spring and summer comes I start moving towards brighter colors but I can see myself wearing this outfit again next time I’m feeling vampish. I think this jumpsuit would look great with some pumps and I’m starting to brainstorm ways I can bring into the next season. Any ideas? What I Wore: Black Jumpsuitjumpsuit and coat — forever 21 // shoes — target // belt — asos What I Wore: Black Jumpsuit

Regional Candy Swap organized by Heidi @ My Paper Crane

Regional Candy Swap organized by Heidi @ My Paper CraneA few weeks ago Heidi put together a regional candy swap and I couldn’t have been more excited. I mean come on, it’s candy! Yum!

I got paired with Jes of Toys and Rocket Science. She’s a Maryland blogger who makes the cutest little plushies. If you’re looking for something to add to someone’s easter basket you should definitely check out all of her adorable bunnies!

I’m pretty excited to try all the different candies. Of course I’ve already gobbled up the coconut patties! The Turkish Taffy is the most intriguing to me since I have no idea what it is.

All in all this candy swap was a lot of fun. I loved shopping for funky local candies and getting a package is always awesome. I can’t wait to take part in the next one.

Thank you Jes for the yummy treats and Thank you Heidi for organizing the swap!

Be sure to check out Heidi’s post to see the rest of the swaps.

DIY Globe Lamp Tutorial

DIY Globe Tutorial via she sings we danceI know some people will say I’m crazy for “destroying” a globe but I’m pretty excited by this DIY so I’ll share it anyway. It’s super simple and you could easily put this together in one afternoon. The hardest part for some will probably be finding a globe at the thrift store. DIY Globe Tutorial via she sings we danceSupplies: One globe, various paints, brush, hanging lamp socket cord kit, one light bulb, non-flammable glue [I used E-6000].

First step is to take apart your globe. I pretty much just used my hands to pry it off the base. Next there was a small blue strip wrapped around the equator which I was able to pull off. Using a screw driver I was able to pry apart the Northern and Southern hemispheres. There may be a small metal circle where the base arm was attached. I was able to use wire cutters to cut through mine and pull it out. I have seen some globes with larger circles that make make it more difficult to remove.

Once your globe has been taken apart, use paint to decorate the inside. I used a home safe paint in peacock and then painted over it with the Martha Stewart glitter. I like the way it slightly sparkles when looking into the lamp. I also used gold paint to paint around the base and a small circle on top. I think it gives it a little more personality and makes it look more finished.

As soon as your paint is dry you’ll want to thread the lamp cord through the top. I did have to use a box cutter to make the hole on top a bit bigger to thread the plug through. I’d recommend making an ‘X’ and threading it through that way. Once it was through I glued the ‘X’ back down to keep the cord secure. Once the glue was dry I painted it gold to match the gold circle on top.

DIY Globe Tutorial via she sings we danceI think it turned out pretty awesome. Now I just need to find a place to hang it in our house! DIY Globe Tutorial via she sings we dance*I’m not an electrician so please consult one if you are concerned about potential fire hazards. I choose a low watt bulb and there are several inches between the bulb and sides. I wouldn’t leave this lamp on if no one is home but all in all I am not concerned about a fire hazard. Please take all necessary precautions with your own projects including using materials that are safe for high heat, a low watt bulb and consult a professional with any concerns.

She Sings We Dance Opens it’s Virtual Doors!

she sings we dance virtual grand openingOh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. You guys. It’s official. My Etsy shop is open and ready for business!

she sings we dance virtual grand openingI know for some this is probably one of those eye roll moments but before you bring your doom and gloom this way let me just tell you, this is a big deal. I’ve been talking about doing something like this since the beginning of time [or at least the last three years. probably longer.] So it’s really exciting for me to finally be doing it and working towards something that I’m really excited about. I can’t believe I’ve put it off this long. I can’t believe that I didn’t just bite the bullet sooner. But I am so glad I’ve finally done it.

she sings we dance virtual grand openingI want to thank everyone whose supported me and who has told me to do something like this for the past forever years. I’m working on my dream of being able to create things I love to create and share them with people while also earning an income. I’m really excited for this journey and can’t wait to see what comes of it. And you know what I’ve finally realized? There’s really nothing to be afraid of. I put this off for so long because I was so worried about so many things but when it comes down to it what’s the worst that could happen? I fail miserably and I end up closing the shop and walking home a thousand dollars poorer with my tail between my legs. So what! At least I tried. And I can always try again. More realistically, if I keep working and trying my hardest, I’ll reach my goals. Which just feels so awesome.

she sings we dance virtual grand openingshe sings we dance virtual grand openingIn case you couldn’t tell, I’m really excited. Thanks for bearing with me this past month and patiently awaiting me to return to the blog. Now I hope to be able to find a balance between my business and coming up with great content here. I have a few things lined up for March that are exciting. Plus hopefully the weather will be nicer soon so I can get back to outfit post and going on adventures!

What sort of goals are you working on? I would love to hear about how you’re making 2014 the year you accomplish some of your dreams!

And now I just have one thing left to say,

Rabbit.     she sings we dance virtual grand opening



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