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It’s been a hot minute since this here blog has been updated. She Sings We Dance is still alive and active believe it or not. I did a few craft shows around the Christmas holiday last year and in fact have another one coming up:

BUST Craftacular Spring! Is coming to Brooklyn in just a few weeks! She Sings We Dance will be there with handpainted art for the quirky heart, and screen printed awesomeness. Perfect gifts for you, your bestie and your mom. Be sure to join us in Industry City on April 23rd! Can't make it in person? No worries, you can find all of our offerings on She Sings We Dance's Etsy shop.

BUST Craftacular Spring! Is coming to Brooklyn in just a few weeks. She Sings We Dance will be there with handpainted art for the quirky heart, and screen printed awesomeness. Perfect gifts for you, your bestie and your mom. Be sure to join us in Industry City on April 23rd! Can’t make it in person? No worries, you can find all of our offerings on She Sings We Dance’s Etsy shop.

Besides just She Sings We Dance, you’ll find 100+ other vendors, craft workshops including macrame and bookbinding, a nail art bar, a beauty bar, create a DIY flower crown and more. It should be an awesome day with tons of crafts and handmade goodness. Be sure to stop by booth 86 and say hi!

Other than that, She Sings We Dance’s sister company, Making Creatives, has been chugging along nicely. Making Creatives focus’ more on the business side of the craft world, becoming a more creative person, and will soon be offering crafternoons and workshops. So if that’s your thing, go check it out.

What I Wore: Strawberry Picking Dress from Modcloth

What I Wore: Strawberry Picking Dress from ModclothHappy National Strawberry Picking Day! Could this dress be any more perfect for picking strawberries? Maybe it’s a little strawberry overload but I don’t even mind. Strawberries are delicious. And the colors of this dress! It’s no wonder I got a lot of comments on it. It’s a hard dress to miss. It’s also the perfect dress to wear a petticoat with as it’s just got that natural “spinning dress” quality to it. The only sad part about this dress? It’s no longer available. But Modcloth does have a few other fruity options right now. My favorites are these cherry shoes, this banana skirt, a strawberry sweater, and this adorable lemon dressWhat I Wore: Strawberry Picking Dress from ModclothYou might also notice that for these pictures I’ve updated the hair color and I got new specs! It’s been an exciting month for new things. My glasses are from Bonlook and designed by the uber cutie, Katie from Skunkboy. The moment I saw them on her Instagram, I fell in love. Luckily, I was already in the market for new glasses, so it worked out perfectly.What I Wore: Strawberry Picking Dress from ModclothI have a question for you, have you started making your Summer 2015 bucket list? I need to get on that. There’s just so much in Brooklyn and NYC to do that I feel like it’d be so easy to waste the time away. I’d love to hear what you have planned though! Be sure to leave a note in the comments and if you happen to come to Brooklyn, let me know. If we can’t meet up at the very least, I can give you some recommendations for awesome things to do.What I Wore: Strawberry Picking Dress from ModclothWhat I Wore: Strawberry Picking Dress from ModclothOther then eating my weight in strawberries, I’ve been busy working on a few things behind the scenes here at She Sings We Dance. I’ve got a great post in store for you on Friday about how to be more productive. I don’t know about you but for me, motivation can be a major struggle. If you’re into knowing more of my day to day life though, I’d recommend following on Instagram. It’s my favorite social media platform, and it’s where I share what I’m up to. Especially when it comes to things that might not be worth an entire blog post. Feel free to share your Instagram page in the comments as well. I love checking out beautiful pictures and seeing what adventures other people are going on!What I Wore: Strawberry Picking Dress from Modcloth

Make It Monday: DIY Photo Slide Lamp Shade with Tassels

DIY: Photo Slide Lamp Shade with TasselsI just had to make this DIY photo slide lamp shade with tassels for my penpal as part of #BabesSendThings. I’ve recently joined this group of ladies who love to send things they make. If you’re a babe, you like to make things and send things, you should join! It’s a simple process. You sign up at #BabesSendThings, and they pair you up with someone who you then make something for and send it to them. Each cycle last three months. Each month they give you two different words and a medium to try out. It’s very flexible, and you can use your creativity to interpret the themes/medium however you wish. April’s theme was Luminous/Obscure, and the medium was photography. It was the perfect opportunity to make this awesome lamp that I’ve have been dreaming of for the past four years. Did I mention that this lamp makeover is simple, in addition to being affordable. The hardest part is finding slides. Let me show you just how easy it is to make a new lamp shade.

DIY: Photo Slide Lamp Shade with TasselsSupplies:

You’ll need:

+one lamp with shade
+box cutter (or something similar)
+small hole punch

Optional: Washi Tape and other decorative items.

The first step is to disassemble your lamp by removing the shade from the base. You can set the base aside as you won’t need it until the end. Next you’ll use the box cutters to remove the cloth and plastic from the lamp. You’ll want to cut everything off of it until all that remains is the frame of the lamp shade.

DIY: Photo Slide Lamp Shade with TasselsNext, I put one hole on each side of the slides to connect the jump rings. I found the best way to do it was to connect the slides as I went. This means you only have to open the rings once. It also was easier to attach the slides to each other before attaching to the lamp shade frame. For the bottom slides, I made three holes to attach the tassels.

DIY: Photo Slide Lamp Shade with TasselsDIY: Photo Slide Lamp Shade with TasselsDIY: Photo Slide Lamp Shade with TasselsOnce all your slides are attached to each other, this is a good time to decide whether you want to decorate the lamp shade frame or not. I helped hide mine by wrapping yarn around the top. Super simple to do and I personally like it better than the metal of the frame. I attached the slides to the frame first and then wrapped the yarn around the top, but I think it would be easier to wrap the yarn first then attach the slides.

Next up it’s how to make the tassels among the bottom of your shade. You’ll want to start by cutting a bunch of yarn pieces the same length. You’ll be folding the strips in half so keep that in mind when cutting the yarn lengths. I used two strands of yarn for each tassel.DIY: Photo Slide Lamp Shade with Tassels

Image 1: Start by folding your yarn strip in half and stringing it through the jumpring, so there is a loop on one side.

Image 2: Pull the tails of the tassels through the loop

Image 3: Pull the tails until the knot is at the top.

Image 4: Repeat until the bottom of the shade has the amount of tassels you like.

DIY: Photo Slide Lamp Shade with TasselsLast step, trim the yarn tails, so they are all the same length.

Other optional steps, decorate the base! I used some washi tape wrapped around the stick of the lamp to add more flare. I thought about also wrapping the yarn around the base and even covering the foot but decided that the tassels were enough. I think it’d be also cool to have slides that all match or were from the same trip.

DIY: Photo Slide Lamp Shade with TasselsWhat ideas do you have for this project and how would you make it your own? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments! And, of course, if you end up making a lamp shade, be sure to share it!DIY: Photo Slide Lamp Shade with Tassels

What I Wore: An Overcast Day and A Flower Dress from ASOS

What I Wore: An Overcast Day and a Flower Dress from ASOSSpring was really slow coming to NYC this year. For the longest time, I wondered if it would ever get here. These pictures were taken a few weeks ago and luckily for us now, spring is most certainly here. In fact, it’s beginning to feel like summer! Not that I mind. With summer comes trips to Coney Island and the beach, ice cream trucks, craft shows, being outside and more opportunities to meet new people. I’m also all about not having to wear leggings anymore!

What I Wore: An Overcast Day and a Flower Dress from ASOSIsn’t this flower dress from ASOS so pretty? It is one of the newer once I’ve recently added to my collection. I’ve got this routine where every spring and fall I get the itch to update my wardrobe for the upcoming season. It’s not even a conscious decision. I won’t really buy much of anything during the summer and winter but come the in between seasons, I can’t help myself! Do you find that you have a set time of year that you go out and update your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments. I’d be curious to hear what other people’s closet routine is.

Back to the dress though, I really like it. It’s pretty simple but has a dressier look to it then most of the dresses I own. I think I was getting ready to go to a wedding when I realized that I didn’t have much in terms of nicer dresses. Which is kind of funny to me because most people think I’m dressed up all the time because I only wear dresses and yet I usually think I look like a bum. The best thing about this dress though? It’s still available at ASOS!

What I Wore: An Overcast Day and a Flower Dress from ASOS What I Wore: An Overcast Day and a Flower Dress from ASOSBesides just wanting to hear about your buying seasons, I’d love to hear tips about making new friends. That’s one of my goals for these warmer seasons but I’ve got to admit, I’m not so great at it. It was easier during college, but it felt like everyone was looking for new friends then. Now I’m almost 30 and living in a new city. I have Mom friends. That’s easy enough to make. But I’d love to meet people to go thrifting with or to craft shows or to see live music. As corny as it is, I’d like to find my tribe. The people who I can invite over for craft nights and dinner parties. Do you have any suggestions? I’m working on getting involved in the art scene here in Brooklyn, but I don’t necessarily know where to start either. Is making new friends something you struggle with?

What I Wore: An Overcast Day and a Flower Dress from ASOSDress: ASOS – New Look // Leggings: Forever 21 // Shoes: Forever 21 // Jacket: Target

What I Wore: Vintage Thrift Store Fashion in Brooklyn Square Buttons


I don’t know about you, but I love thrifting. I don’t think there’s any question about that. My thrifting game in Colorado was top notch. I always found something awesome at our local goodwill. All the vintage things I could ever want. I was worried that when I moved to Brooklyn I’d have to put my thrifting adventures on the shelf. If it cost $12-15 for a vintage dress in Colorado then most certainly I’d be paying a pretty penny for a vintage dress in NYC. At that point, why bother thrifting?2015-03-vintagedress-squarebuttons6Boy was I wrong! This dress is one of my new favorites. Check out those square buttons! And do you want to know how much it cost me? $5! I could get three dresses here in Brooklyn for the prices I was paying in Colorado. If I could do cartwheels this is where I’d be doing them. Where did I find this number? L Train Vintage! L train Vintage is a series of thrift stores found in Manhatten and Brooklyn. I haven’t been to all of them, but my current favorite is their location on Sackett Street called No Relations Vintage. The best part for me is that everything at No Relations is vintage. No more sorting through trends from the past two years. So basically I was able to find an entire new spring wardrobe for $30 and all of it fits my style preferences. If you’re in Brooklyn then I highly recommend stopping in. I can’t wait till my buddy Alex comes to visit because I know she will LOVE this place. My other thrifting go to is the local thrift store on the military base. But it’s better for items rather than clothes. L Train Vintage on the other hand really only has clothes and accessories with a few exceptions. I am excited to go explore new places now that I know that just because I’m in Brooklyn doesn’t mean everything is super expensive (just half of the things!). I’d love for you to tell me in the comments some surprising places you’ve scored awesome finds. Also, if you have any other recommendations in NYC, that’d be great. There’s still so much more for me to explore here
2015-03-vintagedress-squarebuttons3Besides just clothes shopping for the upcoming warm seasons I’ve also mixed up my hair colors recently. In fact, these pictures are already dated for hair color and they weren’t even taken that long ago. It’s been fun mixing things up. The multi-layered color choices work great for this quasi pin-up hair style. It’s definitely more maintance this way though.
2015-03-vintagedress-squarebuttons7Other then that, April has been really great. We’ve had family come in, my daughter had her 5th birthday, and it’s finally getting warmer! I’m looking forward to sharing my patio garden with you and how I’ve been able to maximize our tiny space to fit all sorts of different plants. It’s been a challenge but I’m hoping to have a decent amount of extra veggies and fruits this year. Have you been up to anything now that the weather is getting warmer? How excited are you for spring? I know I’m looking forward to it!